Welcome to the second issue of Dorsey Legal Arcade, a newsletter discussing trending issues, recent legal developments, and interesting court decisions relating to the video game industry.  Issue 2 summarizes 14 legal decisions touching on a range of topics, including patent eligible subject matter, copyright and trademark infringement in online marketplaces, gambling laws, the DMCA, and other matters. We also proudly present two feature articles: “Introduction to the PRC Gaming Market: History and Opportunities” and “The Hidden Risk of Crunch.” The first article summarizes the past and present gaming industry in China and provides helpful information for any companies seeking to enter the largest gaming consumer market in the world. The second article describes some of the legal risks of “Crunch”—i.e., the long hours often required to meet game development deadlines—and ways companies can avoid or reduce those risks. To view Issue 2, click here. The summarized decisions are collected in a document available to download here.

Despite the many challenges the world has faced in recent years, the video game industry has continued to grow and expand. The decisions summarized below demonstrate that the legal landscape facing game companies is always active and ever changing. Dorsey’s attorneys, from offices in the United States, Canada, London, and China, are ready to help game companies of all kinds navigate this shifting landscape. We have sophisticated attorneys familiar with the video game industry and experienced in areas of the law including IP licensing, litigation, and prosecution, labor and employment, privacy and cybersecurity, corporate transactions, international law, and commercial litigation. Whether you have a well-established Fortune 100 company or a company at an earlier stage of growth, our attorneys will provide outstanding service to support your needs. Please see our Video Game Industry Practice Group web page for more information.

The contributors to Volume 1, Issue 2 of Dorsey Legal Arcade include Video Game Industry Practice Group Co-Chairs Ryan Meyer (IP litigator) and Jeff Cadwell (trademark and copyright attorney); Dorsey’s Hong Kong Office Head and Corporate Practice Group partner Simon Chan; Dorsey’s Beijing Office Head and Commercial Litigation Practice Group partner Ray Liu; capital market and corporate governance attorney Jason Lin; labor and employment attorney Aaron Goldstein; IP litigator Connor Hansen; patent prosecutors Jonathan Barnard and Mika Ito; trademark and copyright attorneys Alison Jarzyna and Julia Lisi; and summer associate Chad Kang.

We hope you find Issue 2 of the Dorsey Legal Arcade to be both useful and interesting. Thank you.