Dorsey is open for your business and ready to help you in this extraordinary time! Dorsey has dozens of lawyers tracking and analyzing the Stimulus Act. We have assembled a team ready to respond immediately to how your business might access the funding, regulatory relief and other tools in the Stimulus Act. 

We’ve formed the Governmental Relief and Incentives Team (GRIT) to coordinate all the expertise we’ve assembled regarding the Stimulus Act. The GRIT coordinators—Beth Forsythe, Alex Hontos, Troy Keller, Jay Lindgren, Joseph Lynyak, John Marti and Jamie Whatley (contact information below)—have access to the full Dorsey team and are ready to immediately get you connected to the expertise you need. Please do not hesitate to call on your trusted Dorsey contact or one of the GRIT coordinators for advice on issues such as:

  • Emergency loans for small businesses, including Small Business Administration (SBA) loans
  • Financial lifelines for distressed companies
  • Federal and state contracting issues
  • Aid for hospitals and healthcare organizations
  • Aid for passenger and cargo airlines and other affected industries
  • Considerations and tools for employers
  • Disaster relief and other funding for state and local governments