The federal government is acting quickly to stem the economic harm of the Coronavirus on U.S. businesses and the overall economy. Dorsey has been closely studying these developments, including the historic $2 trillion federal stimulus package passed by the U.S. Senate on March 25, 2020, and the House of Representatives on March 27, 2020 (the “Act”). As the Act becomes law, there are many important changes and measures that directly help you.

Dorsey’s webinar, presented by members of Dorsey’s full-capacity Governmental Relief and Incentives Team, will bring you high-level, practical perspectives on the critical assistance that is rapidly becoming available. Dorsey’s knowledgeable and experienced panelists will dive into the federal legislative response to the Coronavirus, and the Act’s potential benefits. Topics discussed during the webinar included:

  • Overview of Federal Legislative Response to Coronavirus
  • CARES Act Highlights
  • Financial Relief for Mid-Size and Large Businesses
  • Financial Relief for Small Businesses
  • Employment
  • Tax

Rebecca Bernhard, Aaron Goldstein, Ken Logsdon, Ryan Mick, Stuart Chasanoff, Troy Keller, Joe Lynyak, Mary Streitz, & Beth Forsythe (Moderator)

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**NOTE: Watching this recording does not allow the user to obtain CLE, CPD, CPE or HR credits.