There will be litigation. For all of the questions the COVID-19 pandemic leaves in its path, this is a certainty.

Questions remaining include:

What kind of disputes will I see?

How much money is at stake? and

What can I do to protect my company?

And Dorsey’s Dispute Anticipation & Readiness Team (DART) has been working for months on the answers to help keep you ahead.

Composed of about three dozen litigators, DART has been monitoring legal issues and analyzing new precedent in jurisdictions all over the United States, Europe and China. When our clients need litigation advice, DART’s work ensures that all Dorsey lawyers can be ready to respond immediately with up-to-date, relevant information and work product regarding issues such as:

  • Busted & Broken Deals
  • Force Majeure, Impossibility, Impracticability
  • Contract Renegotiations and Economic Duress
  • IT Commercial and Contractual Issues
  • Enforcement of Fixed Obligations
  • Securities, Derivative and Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
  • Bad Faith and Mis-Selling Insurance Products
  • Large Scale Insurance Claims
  • Corporate Insolvency
  • Construction Contract Force Majeure
  • Administrative Takings, Intergovernmental Immunity and Constitutional Issues
  • Class Actions
  • Program Fraud & False Claims Act.

If you need advice regarding litigation arising out of the coronavirus crisis, please call your trusted Dorsey advisor or one of the DART coordinators, listed below, to connect you with the help you need.