Presentation and discussions of 2023 tribal specific updates on tax, IP protection, finance, outlook for tribes in the new Congress, and more.

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Taxation in Indian Country: A Review of 2022 Developments and a Preview of What’s to Come in 2023

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Mary Streitz, Skip Durocher and Kendall Fisher, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Panelists will report on significant administrative developments, legislative changes - including important renewable energy incentives provided in the Inflation Reduction Act - and tax cases in 2022, and also will project what new tax developments might be in store for 2023.


Opportunity and Risk: Federal Grants, Contracts, and Investigations

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Beth Forsythe and Alex Hontos, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

The past three years have seen an unprecedented infusion of Federal money into the economy. This money can be an attractive opportunity for tribes and tribal businesses. While it has enormous upside this money comes with significant compliance risk. And federal investigations into tribal operations can be expensive and time-consuming. This session will introduce the fundamentals to understanding the upside (and downside) of tribal acceptance of Federal dollars.


Understanding Tribal Finance: Bonds, Loans, Leases and More

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Nate Canova and Erik Detlefsen, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Panelists will describe several methods of financing available to Indian Tribes and the financing process, including tax-exempt and taxable financing structures. Panelists will also describe ISDEAA Section 105(l) leases and the use of lease revenues as a potential source of additional security for Tribal financings.


IP in Indian Country: How to Protect & Enforce Your Rights 

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Anthony Jones, Jeff Cadwell and Ben Kappelman, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

As tribes continue to innovate and diversify in their economic activities, new opportunities and risks may arise related to intellectual property. In this session, we will discuss practical scenarios that tribes and tribal businesses may encounter related to copyright, trademark, trade secret, and patents. Additionally, we will discuss IP-related topics that are unique to Indian Country, such as the Indian Arts and Crafts Act and protection of tribal insignia.