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Whether our clients need assistance with litigation or require expertise in handling insurance matters, public relations crises or recalls, our Products Liability group can provide outstanding advice and counsel. We stay on top of emerging legal trends, regulatory developments and judicial decisions, and keep our clients informed and prepared so that they can avoid problems before they arise. 

Of course, even the best prepared and best informed companies can find themselves involved in litigation. In that event, our world-class team of experienced trial lawyers brings uncommon aggressiveness, creativity, tenacity and strategic thinking to the fight, resulting in an enviable record of success for our clients.

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Our products liability group is comprised of trial lawyers. Real trial lawyers. We are aggressive, strategic and creative. We know how to win, and we do. Our team has achieved a record of success in courts around the country in cases involving a wide variety of products and claims. Representative of our client representations are the following:

Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

  • Represented Japanese chemical engineering firm in more than 100 product liability class actions; favorably settled. (Minnesota)
  • Represented major European pharmaceutical manufacturer and U.S. subsidiary against class action claims seeking damages for alleged misrepresentations related to hormone replacement drugs. (Minnesota); case settled
  • Represented manufacturer of hormone replacement therapies in multi-district litigation involving claims of inadequate and deceptive warnings for breast cancer. (California, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Utah)
  • Represented manufacturer of patient warming devices in litigation concerning the safety and efficacy of the devices. (Minnesota)
  • Represented pharmaceutical company which manufactured drugs containing PPA in litigation involving claims of inadequate warning and testing for strokes. (California, Utah)
  • Represent manufacturer of safety needles in litigation involving claims of inferior manufacturing and testing. (Utah)
  • Represent manufacturer of pain stimulator product used for chronic pain management in lawsuits alleging unsafe units. (Florida and California) •
  • Represented pharmaceutical manufacturer as local liaison defense counsel in multidistrict pharmaceutical products liability putative class actions involving over 17,000 plaintiffs. (Minnesota)  

Household and Recreational Products

  • Represented distributor of digital cameras in putative class action alleging breaches of warranties and violations of consumer protection statutes. (New York)
  • Represent Chinese manufacturer of step ladders in personal injury actions involving allegations of manufacturing defects. (Canada)
  • Defended manufacturer of all-terrain off-road vehicle in litigation involving stability and handling claims and occupant safety and restraint claims. (Utah) Represented manufacturer of paintball goggles in litigation alleging that goggle defects were responsible for a serious eye injury. (Maryland)
  • Represented manufacturer against claim that alleged defect in microwave caused home fire. (Utah)
  • Represent consumer electronics distributor in Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) compliance and recalls.
  • Represent distributor of recreational equipment in CPSC recall.
  • Represented restaurant chain in CPSC recall of toys in “kids meals.”
  • Represented toy manufacturer in CPSC matters.
  • Represented travel products manufacturer in CPSC matters.
  • Represented cosmetics distributer in FDA matters.

Industrial Equipment and Infrastructure

  • Represented water utility in litigation alleging that insufficient hydrant fire flow resulting in catastrophic fire. (District of Columbia)
  • Represented University in litigation involving insulation workers burned during construction of underground steam tunnels on campus. (Utah)
  • Represented manufacturer of catalytic oxidizer in wrongful death, personal injury and property and economic loss claims arising out of industrial plant explosion. (Indiana)
  • Represented water utility in litigation claiming damage to underground utilities allegedly caused by water pipe failure. (District of Columbia)
  • Represented manufacturer of equipment for testing high-speed helicopter engines in trial involving allegedly defective dynamometer. (Minnesota)


  • Represented automotive manufacturer in a wrongful death suit alleging exposure to asbestos-containing products. (Nevada)
  • Represented manufacturer of asbestos products as lead trial counsel in asbestosis wrongful death suit. (New York)
  • Represented several equipment suppliers in nationwide asbestos litigation. (Nationwide)


  • Represented automotive manufacturer in personal injury action arising from post collision fire. (Utah)
  • Represented vehicle lessor in action involving serious personal injuries arising from collision allegedly caused by steering, braking, and tire defects. (Pennsylvania)
  • Represented automotive manufacturer in wrongful death and paralysis trials involving allegedly defective door latch systems and locking mechanisms. (Texas, California, Idaho, Utah and Virginia)
  • Represented vehicle lessor in personal injury action alleging carbon monoxide poisoning from claimed engine defects. (Texas)
  • Represented automotive manufacturer in wrongful death trials involving claims of defective seat belts, glazing and stability/handling. (California, Texas, Utah)
  • Represented vehicle lessor in wrongful death suit alleging that victim perished in a vehicle fire because a defective seat belt prevented her escape. (Texas)
  • Represented an automotive manufacturer in wrongful death action alleging door latch, stability/handling and axle failures. (Utah)
  • Represented vehicle lessor in trial involving personal injuries allegedly resulting from faulty brake system. (Texas)
  • Represent manufacturer of after-market truck parts in NHTSA safety recall.
  • Represent manufacturers of after-market natural gas conversion kits for compliance with EPA emission compliance and warranty disclosures.

Chemicals and Pesticides

  • Represented manufacturer as trial counsel in 200 mixed dust toxic tort cases generated from a union sponsored screening. (Washington)
  • Represented pesticide manufacturer in case claiming poisoning of dairy cattle herd. (Minnesota)
  • Represented paint manufacturer in purported class action involving claims of defective coatings on 2,500+ river barges. (Louisiana)


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