This Roundtable presentation will address the following bankruptcy topics:

  • Developments in Subchapter V and the prospects for making the $7.5MM maximum debt limit permanent.
  • Recent Delaware case on make-whole provisions in Chapter 11.
  • Whether section 363(f) can strip covenants running with the land (J.C. Penney case).
  • Making a List and Checking it Twice: Doing loan reviews in good times to prepare for lean times.

Dorsey Presenters:
Megan Baker, Associate
Monica Clark, Partner
Alessandra Glorioso, Partner
Sam Kohn, Partner
Will Martin, Associate
Matt Olson, Of Counsel
Steve Waterman, Partner
Courina Yulisa, Associate
Tom Kelly, Partner (Moderator)

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**NOTE: Watching this recording does not allow the user to obtain CLE, CPD, CPE or HR credits.