Where is China Going and What Impact Will it Have on Minnesota Business?

With the acceleration of globalization, surge in per capita income, and the rise of entrepreneurship on one hand, and environmental degradation and unchecked official corruption on the other, China's current political system faces mounting challenges for renewed viability. Please join us for a candid discussion of several scenarios for China’s political direction and economic development, and what they mean for Minnesota business decision makers.

Topics will include:

  • Official corruption and the legal system
  • Impact of corruption on business ethics
  • Causes and effects of environmental neglect
  • Prospects for strengthening the rule of law
  • Solutions to environmental degradation
  • Implications for Minnesota companies

Dorsey partner Steve Nelson joins Baocheng Liu, Director of the Center for Business Ethics, Rolf Engh of Valspar Corporation, Benny Kanter of 3M International and Patricia Nelson of KPMG in this roundtable discussion. The roundtable will follow Chatham House Rules. Speakers and audience members will be free to speak their minds off-the-record.

CLE Information

Application for 1.5 CLE credits will be made in Minnesota. Application for CLE credit in additional states may be made based on attendance. For further information on CLE matters, please contact Carla Tollefsrud.