In the U.S. section the stories include a discussion of:

  • The guilty plea by a DOJ employee tied to the IMDB scandal;
  • Morgan Stanley's AML settlement; and
  • The Plantronics settlement with the SEC and DOJ.

In the Europe section you will find stories which include:

  • The most recent events in the continuing Alstom inquiries; and
  • The settlement of oil giant Total with French prosecutors.
In the Middle East section there are stories about:
  • Pakistan's new national counterterrorism and cyber plan; and
  • The seven year sentence handed down to Pakistan's former Prime Minister.
In the Latin America section there is a discussion of
  • The latest charges in the Brazil "car wash" probe; and
  • The involvement of major trading companies in the Petrobras bribery scheme.

Finally, a Special Section reviews key DOJ and SEC FCPA cases brought in 2018, including critical judicial decisions and settlements involving individuals and firms.

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