Welcome to Dorsey & Whitney’s monthly Anti-Corruption Digest.  In this digest, we draw together news of enforcement activity throughout the world and aim to reduce your information overload.  Our London, Minneapolis, New York and Washington DC offices edit the digest and select the most important material so that you can use this digest as a single source of information.

In this edition, among the many topics discussed, we report on the FCPA enforcement pilot program under which a company that self-reports a violation of the FCPA and which meets a number of requirements will be eligible to receive substantial mitigation credit or a possible declination of prosecution; the $9 million settlement between Las Vegas Sands and the SEC following an investigation into the company that involved allegations of bribery;  the former vice president of government relations for LAZ Parking pleading guilty to taking $90,000 in bribes in exchange for granting a contract to supply parking meters to a specific bidder. 

Updates from the U.K. include a report on the SFO charging the President of Alstom’s U.K. operations with corruption regarding the supply of trains to the Budapest Metro; and the $3.2 million civil settlement paid by Braid Group (Holdings) Limited regarding potentially corrupt contracts entered into by its subsidiary.

Global updates include news from Brazil that Joseph Safra, the majority stakeholder in Banco Safra, allegedly conspired to bribe officials in order to reduce the bank’s corporation tax bill; updates regarding anti-corruption enforcements in China and the announcement that corruption cases in China that involve $463,000 or more may incur the death penalty; the publication of Ernst & Young’s 14th Global Fraud Survey in which bribery and corruption was identified as an “ongoing challenge”; an update from Kuwait regarding an internal investigation initiated by Petrofac Plc relating to allegations of bribery; plus anti-corruption developments in Egypt, Serbia, and more from around the globe.

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