Our October roundtable will cover two hot topics relevant to financial services lawyers: pay equity laws and earned wage access products.

The first half of the session will focus on recent legal developments concerning pay equity. Pay equity is a hot topic for employers in 2022, spurred by both significant social pressures and a number of new legal requirements issued by President Biden and state and local legislatures. The session will address requirements that aim to increase the likelihood that traditionally underpaid groups earn as much as their historically advantaged counterparts and to decrease historical power imbalances between employers and employees.

The second half of the session will focus on the emergence of earned wage access (EWA) products, which allow employees to access wages they have already earned before their paycheck would normally be issued. This class of products goes by several names, including instant pay, on-demand pay and early pay. Our panelists will explain how the products work, whether they constitute extensions of credit under federal law, and how regulators are responding. In particular, this session will address a handful of state attempts to regulate EWA products and the evolution of the CFPB’s approach, including the recent rescission of the Bureau’s no-action relief for certain EWA providers and the termination of the regulatory sandbox.

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