Join us for Dorsey’s annual seminar covering the corporate and intellectual property issues facing Montana businesses today. Presented in both Bozeman (November 10) and Missoula (November 11), topics will include:

Protecting Your Intellectual Property: Practical Strategies for Managing Patent Rights 

Join us for a discussion of managing patent rights including a look at how changes swept in by the America Invents Act and Supreme Court jurisprudence have been changing the landscape for patent holders and business owners. We will consider the patent process, the availability of new Patent Office procedures to quickly assess patent validity, and question what is patentable anyway in light of Supreme Court cases such as Alice in the field of software and business-related innovation. 


  • Jennifer Spaith, Partner 
  • Marcus Simon, Partner

Corporate Panel: Ask the Experts 

Take this opportunity to ask our panel of corporate attorneys about business structure, venture capital, securities, corporate governance, or exit strategies. 


  • Jack Manning, Partner
  • Erin McCrady, Partner 
  • Kymra Archibald, Associate
  • Jeremy Brown, Associate

Montana Employment Q&A (Missoula only)


  • Gabrielle Wirth, Partner