Please join us to review requirements applicable to governmental issuers of bonds, regarding disclosure (both at the time of bond issuance, and on-going or “continuing” disclosure).

This webinar will cover the following aspects of disclosure: 

  1. preparation and approval of official statements in connection with new bond issues; 
  2. on-going continuing disclosure requirements; 
  3. education of staff and elected officials with respect to disclosure matters; and 
  4. update on the status of the MCDC Initiative, including SEC communications with issuers. 

If your governing body adopted disclosure policies in connection with the MCDC Initiative or as part of a new bond issue, this webinar is intended to satisfy the annual staff training requirement set forth in your disclosure policy. Please invite elected officials as well as any staff involved in bond transactions to join this training program. 

For additional information about this event, please contact Dorsey Events.