The North America section of the Digest discusses key events in this segment of the world including:

  • DOJ’s new policy against “Piling On” and its emphasis on compliance; and
  • The additional charges in the Rolls-Royce bribery case.
In the Europe section of the Digest you’ll find discussion regarding a number of topics including:
  • The new charges in the U.K. by the SFO against two individuals in the Unaoil investigation; and
  • The investigation by Swiss prosecutors regarding two PetroSaudi officials.
The Digest also looks at recent developments in Asia and the Middle East. These stories include one on:
  • Israel’s prime minister who is likely facing indictment;
  • The former Chinese chairman of a state-owned food conglomerate who is being investigated for corruption; and
  • India’s investigation of the AirAsia chief for corruption.
Sections on Latin America and Africa discuss unfolding events which include:
  • Peru’s efforts to extradite former President Toledo from the U.S. to face charges in Odebrecht case; and
  • The action of the South African courts in unfreezing the Gupta family assets after a judge found a lack of evidence of money laundering.

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