Welcome to Dorsey & Whitney’s monthly Anti-Corruption Digest. In this digest, we draw together news of enforcement activity throughout the world and aim to reduce your information overload. Our London, Minneapolis, New York and Washington DC offices edit the digest and select the most important material so that you can use this digest as a single source of information.

In this edition, among the many topics discussed, we report on the dismissal of an indictment for bribery on the grounds that the alleged activity took place outside the United States between foreign nationals, with the Judge noting that: “If you’re so concerned about the way some Canadians are operating with a Canadian-based company in dealing with Ukrainians, you can always phone the Mounties”; and a speech made by Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell advising companies to avoid the unnecessary expansion of the scope of investigations into potential violations of the FCPA.

Reports from the UK include a joint investigation by the SFO and City of London Police into a procurement engineer who pleaded guilty to conspiring with four co-defendants to leak confidential information to bidders in relation to infrastructure contracts worth £40 million; and a former mayor of an East London borough who was found guilty of multiple corruption allegations following a 10-week hearing at the High Court.

Global updates include reports on China’s ongoing anti-corruption campaign, including updates on the energy and healthcare sector along with its publishing of a “most wanted” list of individuals suspected of corruption; Greek prosecutors reportedly charging seven individuals with bribery offences for their alleged role in various deals for military vehicles, said to be worth more than $110 million; Dutch prosecutors investigating an alleged corruption matter regarding alleged payments of $358 million made to the daughter of the president of Uzbekistan in return for entry into Uzbekistan’s telecom market; a Tajik high-school student who allegedly posed as the President’s 16 year-old son and reportedly collected over $50,000 in bribes in return for political favors; plus anti-corruption developments in Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and more from around the globe.

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