This comprehensive handbook explores all aspects of copyright litigation strategies: pre-litigation considerations and analysis, alternative dispute resolution, formulating discovery plans, third-party discovery, foreign discovery, handling depositions, working with experts, motion practice, the trial, proving infringement, defeating infringement claims, evidence, appeals, and more.

Providing "best practices" for copyright litigation from many of the foremost names in the world of copyright law, this handbook is organized to break down a copyright case into the various phases of litigation--from what to con-sider before filing suit, to all the way through an appeal.

With a focus on giving litigators with practical guidance on making strategic decisions throughout the life of a copyright case, Copyright Litigation Strategies is a comprehensive guide that explores all aspects of copyright litigation strategies, including:

  • Pre-litigation considerations and analysis
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Formulating discovery plans
  • Third-party discovery
  • Foreign discovery
  • Handling depositions
  • Working with experts
  • Motion practice
  • The trial
  • Proving infringement
  • Defeating infringement claims
  • Evidence
  • Appeals, and more


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