International law firm Dorsey & Whitney LLP announced today that it has established a new U.S.-China Practice Group, which will manage the Firm’s increasing representation of Chinese clients doing business in the U.S. and other clients doing business with Chinese entities and individuals in the U.S. The practice group is multi-disciplinary and crosses industries, and its members come from Dorsey’s U.S. and worldwide offices, including those in New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Minneapolis, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Southern California and Washington, D.C. Dorsey has demonstrated its commitment to the China practice for decades, and the new practice group will further enhance its service offerings to clients.


Dorsey’s U.S.-China Practice Group is led by New York-based partners Catherine Pan and Lanier Saperstein and Shanghai-based partner Peter Corne.
德汇美中业务部由纽约分所资深合伙人潘惜唇律师和孙彧(Lanier Saperstein)律师及上海分所资深合伙人孔宏德(Peter Corne)律师领衔。

Dorsey represents some of China’s largest and most active corporations, including top financial institutions – such as banks and insurance companies – and private equity funds, as well as high net-worth individuals and family offices.


“Dorsey has built an impressive U.S.-China practice, and we’re thrilled to be able to take the next step in harnessing that momentum,” said Lanier Saperstein, who has represented China’s largest banks and leads Dorsey’s award winning U.S.-China litigation team. “This new group will allow us to continue building a top-tier practice that provides high-level, high-value legal services to our China-based clients as well as our U.S. clients that have an increasing need to learn how to work with their Chinese counterparties.”


Catherine Pan, who heads the Firm’s globally recognized U.S.-China transactional practice, stated that, “We continue to experience a growing flow of legal work from Chinese companies as they further geographically diversify their businesses, assets and investments. We also see an increase from U.S. companies on the receiving end of Chinese investments.” Ms. Pan, who recently handled Ninebot Limited’s business combination with Segway Inc., Fantasia Group’s series of strategic acquisitions in the U.S., as well as the sale of several U.S. corporations to Chinese buyers, added: “While some view China’s economy as slowing, we view the China-to-U.S. deal flow as vibrant and sustainable, and we maintain a long-term bullish view of this market. Our outlook spans five years, not just the next six to 12 months.”

潘惜唇律师领导着在全球范围内广获认可的德汇美中交易业务团队。她指出:“随着中国企业的业务、资产及投资在地理分布上日益多元化,我们来自于中国客户的法律服务业务正在不断增长。我们也看到接受中方投资的美国企业日益增多。” 潘律师最近代理客户开展的跨境交易包括纳恩博有限公司与赛格威公司的业务合并,花样年集团在美系列战略收购,以及若干美国公司向中国买家的出售事宜。她补充道:“虽然有观点认为中国经济的增长将会放缓,我们则认为中美之间的投资并购交易仍将保持强劲和可持续的趋势。我们对这一市场长期看好。我们展望的是未来五年,而不仅是未来的六至十二个月。”

Peter Corne noted: “Our U.S.-China Practice Group emerged from a core group of practitioners at the Firm after years of hard work and dedication to our clients. I am glad that our team can deliver high-quality legal services to our clients with cross-border legal needs, while helping them manage the legal and cultural differences between China and the U.S. We are able to do this because of our talented pool of attorneys and professionals who are bilingual and who have extensive experience working in both jurisdictions.”


“Our group will provide tangible benefits to our clients by pooling our resources and enabling us to share our collective experience more rapidly and efficiently,” Lanier Saperstein concluded.

“随着美中业务部的设立,我们将得以集中我们的资源,更快、更有效地分享集体经验,从而为我们的客户创造实实在在的效益,” 孙彧律师总结道。

About Dorsey’s U.S.-China Practice
Dorsey’s U.S.-China practice has been recognized for its excellence by legal publications and commentators. The China Business Law Journal, for example, issued its 2016 China Business Law Award to Dorsey in the category of “Insurance & Reinsurance – International Firms” for, among other things, Dorsey’s representation of PICC Property & Casualty Co., Ltd., one of the world’s largest property and casualty insurance carriers. The legal blog, Above the Law, named Dorsey the “Best Firm for When You Are Ready to Get into the Asian Market” as part of the Pacific-Northwest Elite, commenting, “Whether you’re a North American company operating in Asia, or an Asian company looking to invest or expand overseas, this firm has the depth of experience to advise you on any corporate needs that arise.”

德汇律师事务所的美中法律服务业务一向深受法律出版物及业内人士的好评。例如,基于其为全球最大的财险公司之一中国人民财产保险股份有限公司以及其他客户提供的法律顾问服务,德汇律师事务所被《商法》杂志评为2016年度“保险与再保险—国际律所”类别的卓越律所。法律博客《法律之上》(Above the Law)将德汇律师事务所评为“为您进入亚洲市场提供法律服务的最佳律所”,以及太平洋西北部的精英律所之一。该博客的评论称:“无论您是一家在亚洲开展业务的北美公司,还是一家寻求在海外投资或扩张的亚洲公司,该律所的深厚经验都可以满足您的任何公司法律服务需求。”网址。