At the end of June, Bob Anderson, Chair of Dorsey’s Cleantech Group, participated in the Cleantech Open’s West Coast Academy, a three-day program in San Francisco that introduces participating cleantech companies from all over the United States to the accelerator curriculum of business skills taught by the CTO.

Bob moderated a panel discussion on “Energy Efficiency, ICT Green Building, Chemicals & Advanced Materials” and participated in another panel discussion on “Investment Issues and Project Finance Issues.” Dorsey also hosted a reception for participants, mentors and experts attending the Academy at which Bob and Terry Kelly of Dorsey’s Palo Alto office spoke about Dorsey’s Cleantech Group.

On August 13-14, Bob Anderson and Mike Weiner from the Denver office participated in the Rocky Mountain Region Cleantech Open August Clinic. Bob presented on “Corporate and Operational Legal Issues” and participated on a panel that discussed “What Investors Look For In Emerging Cleantech Companies.” Mike mentored each of the Cleantech Open teams on “Corporate Legal Issues.”

On August 19-20, Bob Anderson rolled into Minneapolis and, with the help of Lori Sarageno, Thad Lightfoot and Eric Rauch from the Minneapolis office, hosted the two-day Midwest Cleantech Business Clinic at Dorsey’s offices. Lori mentored the Business Clinic teams on “Intellectual Property issues” and Bob and Eric mentored the Business Clinic teams on “Corporate Legal Issues.” Thad sat on a judging panel as the Business Clinic teams pitched their product. Bob also moderated a panel discussion that was open to the public on corporate strategic investing and partnering to develop emerging cleantech companies, which explored how start-ups and more established corporations are working together across a variety of industries. Dorsey hosted a reception in the Minneapolis office for clients, start-up company teams, colleagues, mentors and experts following the public panel, at which Bob again spoke about Dorsey’s experience in the cleantech sector.

Palo Alto
Then a quick trip to Palo Alto on August 21 for Bob Anderson who, along with Terry Kelly from the Palo Alto office and David Walker and Matthew Jonsen from the Denver office, participated in the Cleantech Open West Coast Clinic. Terry spoke to the group about “Financing Trends” in the cleantech sector, Bob and Terry mentored the participating companies on “Corporate Structure” and David and Matthew mentored the companies on “IP Issues.”