Dorsey-Seattle partner and co-chair of the Asian practice Nelson Dong discussed in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer China's expanding appetite for U.S. goods. China represents Washington State's top export market, and Washington is reportedly the only U.S. state to run a net trade surplus with China.

"The Chinese have been doing their fair share of developing a domestic consumer market as rapidly as they can," Dong said. "You have a society that is still changing, still growing, with the middle class only now beginning to understand its buying power." Dong predicted that over time, Chinese imports of U.S. goods will grow and the national trade deficit should even out. "[The U.S. has] things that the Chinese want today and are going to want more of tomorrow."

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"Overseas growth, especially China, means business for the West" was published by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 3, 2007.