In the past few years, proponents of virtual currency and blockchain technologies have created immense wealth and promised transformative innovation. However, few really useful applications for the blockchain have emerged—and industry advocates argue that standard legal theories regarding securities and banking laws should either not apply or else should be applied with a “soft touch” in order to encourage the promised innovation to emerge.

Whether or not cryptocurrency is the latest tulip frenzy (e.g., losses exceeding a trillion dollars in the last six months) or something truly transformative remains to be seen, but regulators in this space are applying traditional legal theories to protect against systemic risk and investor loss.

This session of the Roundtable will analyze cryptocurrency and blockchain issues, with a focus on cryptocurrency developments relevant to banks, such as federal regulatory and enforcement perspectives and emerging bankruptcy issues. The panelists will discuss bank regulation and securities, as well as the efforts of the federal government to develop a comprehensive approach to the creation of a digital currency. In addition, this session will summarize the responses to date by federal agencies to Executive Order 14067.

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