Legal action by employees will always be an inherent risk of running a business with employees; fortunately, there are certain steps and processes that employers can take to minimize liability and keep the focus on running the business. Hear strategies on how to fairly and effectively manage employees so they are less inclined and incentivized to file suit. In addition, learn how to oversee the employee that does sue and not let the employed plaintiff dictate the terms of his or her employment.

The panelists will focus on:

      • Benchmarking current best practices,
      • Documenting performance issues,
      • Using a “totality of circumstances” approach to evaluating personnel issues,
      • Conducting meaningful investigations as a tool for making personnel decisions, and
      • Empowering managers to effectively manage, while minimizing the risk of retaliation and harassment claims

Join us as we focus on these key issues affecting your businesses.

Speakers include:

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