The North America section of the Digest discusses recent FCPA settlements, including:

  • The Legg Mason settlement with the SEC; and
  • Two recent declinations handed down by the DOJ pursuant to the FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy.
In the Europe section of the Digest you’ll find discussion regarding a number of topics, including:
  • U.K. lawmakers’ review of the country’s Bribery Act 2010, which focuses on the lack of individuals prosecuted in bribery cases and the impact of deferred prosecution agreements; 
  • Denmark’s investigation into whether $8.3 billion was laundered through Danske Bank’s Estonia branch.
The Digest also looks at recent developments in Asia and the Middle East. These stories include:
  • Pakistan’s corruption probe into the country’s next prime minister, former cricket star Imran Khan;
  • Former South Korean president Park Geon-hye’s prison sentence and fine for corruption was increased on appeal; and
  • Malaysia’s former prime minister Najib Razak faces an additional three counts of money laundering regarding his involvement in the 1MDB bribery scandal.
Sections on Latin America and Africa discuss unfolding events which include:
  • Petrobras’ recovery of $274 million in embezzled funds; and 
  • South Africa’s investigation into whether state attorneys defrauded the country by deliberately losing cases and colluding with private lawyers to settle false claims.

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