Welcome to Dorsey & Whitney’s monthly Anti-Corruption Digest. The Digest puts material regarding anti-corruption enforcement from around the world at your fingertips, keeping you ahead of critical events that impact global business. The Digest is organized by continent, allowing you to quickly focus on the key areas relevant to your business.

This issue of the Digest includes two new features. One focuses on trends in U.S. enforcement actions. The second focuses on recently published scholarly articles. Each of these new sections will appear periodically in future editions of the Digest.

The North America section of the Digest focuses on key DOJ and SEC trends regarding individual accountability and compliance. It includes:

  • Recent speeches by DOJ officials that focused on FCPA issues;
  • Recent comments from the Department’s compliance expert regarding ideas for effective compliance programs; and
  • The continuing fallout from the Odebrecht FCPA case and the U.S. Navy corruption probe

In the Europe section of the Digest you’ll find discussion regarding:

  • The expansion of the Serious Fraud Office’s (SFO) investigation into two more companies related to the Unaoil investigation;
  • Efforts to eliminate the SFO and the potential impact on anti-corruption enforcement;
  • A recent U.K. court decision concluding that privilege does not attach to interview notes taken during an internal investigation; and
  • Creation of a panel to monitor the compliance efforts of Airbus by German authorities.

Finally, the Asia section reviews recent events in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Similarly, the Latin America section reviews anti-corruption efforts in Brazil.

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