CIC Services, LLC v. Internal Revenue Service, et al., No. 19-930: Whether the Anti-Injunction Act’s bar on lawsuits for the purpose of restraining the assessment or collection of taxes also bars challenges to unlawful regulatory mandates issued by administrative agencies that are not taxes.

Edwards v. Vannoy, No. 19-5807: Whether this Court’s decision in Ramos v. Louisiana, 590 U. S. ___ (2020) – which held that the Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial as incorporated against the States requires a unanimous verdict to convict a defendant of a serious offense – applies retroactively to cases on federal collateral review.

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States livestreamed oral arguments for the first time in the Court’s history. Arguments were held telephonically due to the COVID-19 pandemic and livestreamed on CSPAN. The Court’s calendar for the remainder of the term, with links to the questions presented in each case, can be found here.