Attorneys in Dorsey’s Indian Law Practice Group recently submitted an amicus curiae brief in the case of Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl (commonly referred to as the “Baby Veronica case”), which the U.S. Supreme Court heard in April. Dorsey represented a group of family law professors who advocated application of the Indian Child Welfare Act to protect the right of a member of the Cherokee Nation to take custody of his daughter after her birth mother put her up for adoption. A copy of Dorsey’s brief may be found here, and the transcript of oral argument in the Supreme Court is available here.

Dorsey is an active participant in the Tribal Supreme Court Project, an initiative of the Native American Rights Fund, which coordinates the efforts of Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and attorneys to advocate tribal interests in the U.S. Supreme Court, and to positively influence the Court’s Indian law jurisprudence. As part of these efforts Dorsey has submitted multiple amicus briefs to the Court on a pro bono basis.