Dorsey & Whitney LLP has launched a new podcast, “SharkCast,” to explore litigation risks facing businesses today. Hosted by Dorsey attorney and author Kent Schmidt, the podcast is now available on major podcast platforms including Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Learn more at

SharkCast explores why businesses are so frequently sued and how to mitigate and navigate these risks,” says Kent Schmidt, a partner in Dorsey’s Southern California office. “Our guests provide insights on the various types of lawsuits being brought in U.S. courts, emerging trends, and practical guidance for assessing litigation risks and managing the litigation process.”

In the first four episodes, Kent Schmidt explores topics including dealing with insurance coverage issues (guest: Skip Durocher), preparing for and defending against shareholder litigation claims and demands (guest: Kirstin Schubert), tackling and managing e-discovery (guests: Caroline Sweeney and Kate Johnson), and managing labor and employment issues presented by employees working remotely (guests: Heather Dillion and Nisha Verma). Each guest brings unique insights and perspective to these relevant topics.

The Litigation Risks Book
SharkCast complements the book, Avoiding and Managing US Business Litigation Risks, which Kent Schmidt wrote in 2021. The book examines why companies are so frequently sued in the United States and how business litigation liabilities might be avoided or more effectively managed through preventative measures. In the book, as well as each new SharkCast episode, Kent draws on 25 years of experience defending companies throughout the U.S. in almost every conceivable type of commercial litigation. Learn more >