Ray Liu, Head of Dorsey’s Beijing office; Janet Wong, Leader of Dorsey’s Greater China Intellectual Property Practice Group; and Lilian Shi, a Partner in Dorsey’s Greater China Intellectual Property Practice Group, were featured in a China Business Law Journal article on May 16, 2024. The article discussed the various ways both Chinese and foreign companies can continue to “feel their way” and navigate the complex, global landscape of intellectual property. “The interplay of geopolitics, tech advancement, and evolving regulation has created a landscape of immense opportunities and formidable challenges in the realm of IP,” wrote Luna Jin. 

Ray observed that “[Chinese companies expanding overseas] have effectively utilized legal tools and strategies to defend their right and interests, yielding positive outcomes.” Janet and Lilian noted the implications of recently revised IP laws and regulations. Lilian pointed out that the recent amendment to the Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law “covers all aspects of patent application, examination and granting, as well as the application, protection and management of patents, and has many highlights that are worth companies’ attention.” As an example of a benefit of the new Company Law, Janet shared that “shareholders can avoid the immediate need for a large amount of monetary funds, providing them with greater financial flexibility and helping alleviate the pressure on the enterprise’s capital.”

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