​On March 26, 2024, the Baltimore Key Bridge collapsed after a large container ship crashed into it at 1:30 a.m. local time.

Partner Eric Ruzicka is all too familiar with bridge collapses and was quick to give comments for reporters to use as a resource. Eric represented clients after the Minneapolis 1-35W bridge collapse that occurred in 2007, which resulted in 13 lives lost. After the 1-35W collapse, Eric represented a major engineering firm in a lawsuit in the aftermath - and, most recently, he gave insight with his expertise after the Miami condo collapse.

Eric has been a huge resource for reporters who are continuing to cover the development of the Baltimore bridge collapse - and was interviewed live on SCRIPP News’ “Morning Rush” program to discuss next steps around recovery and clearing of the harbor and rebuilding the major bridge and waterway.

On of the co-anchors on “Morning Rush” asked Eric what some of the similarities and differences are that he is seeing unravel with the Baltimore bridge and what he experiences with the I-35W collapse. 

“I think the one similarity that we see with the I-35W and Baltimore collapses is that both bridges were built in the same generation. They were built in a time when technology that existed resulted in bridges that were being built that were non-redundant so that if a member of the bridge - such as one of the steel beams of the bridge failed - the entire bridge, or a significant part of the bridge, was going to fall. And we don’t build bridges that way anymore. But the reality is, we have thousands of those bridges in the United States,” explained Eric during the interview. 

Watch Eric's full interview from Scripps “Morning Rush” program from March 27 below:

Watch the Scripps News "Morning Rush" program.