Trouble can start deep within a company long before it is detected by the legal department. If not detected and resolved in a timely manner, the situation can evolve into serious legal consequences, such as criminal or civil investigations, government enforcement actions, private claims for discrimination or harassment and resulting negative publicity and financial loss.

Early decision-making plays a key role in managing these situations. Should there be an investigation? If so, how should the investigation be conducted and who should lead it? What are the implications for waiver of the attorney-client privilege in conducting an internal investigation? What ethical rules of professional conduct must be considered? A panel of Dorsey attorneys (Ed Magarian, Bob Bundy, Bill Michael and Lisa Marchese) experienced in handling investigations will discuss the process a company can take when confronted with allegations of wrongdoing. The panel will also discuss the implications of the recent McNulty memo released by the Department of Justice and its impact on internal investigations. In addition, the panel will discuss the ramifications on both public and private companies of the current practice of many auditors to demand information learned during internal investigations.


We have applied for WA Ethics credits for this program. For questions regarding CLE, please contact Carla Tollefsrud.