Dorsey attorneys Christopher Karagheuzoff and Deirdre Sheridan, together with Christopher Santomassimo of Agfa Corporation, tackle in ACC Docket the issue of corporate attorney-client privilege erosion. They argue that while there is a movement to strengthen (or at least forestall further weakening of) the corporate privilege, lawyers need to be keenly ware of the privilege's potential limitations and to take proactive steps to minimize them. After reviewing basic legal principles with respect to privilege and waiver, Karagheuzoff et al. identify some of the longstanding and more recent threats to the corporate privilege. They conclude with a "baker's dozen" list of practical steps that in-house counsel legal departments might take to adjust and respond to these threats.

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"Thirteen Steps to Cope With Corporate Privilege Erosion" was published by ACC Docket, October 2007. Republished with permission.