Dorsey’s Future Leaders Program returned to the New York office this summer with great success!

Dorsey’s Future Leaders Program is a week-long program for which undergraduate and senior high school students in under-represented communities gain first-hand experience in an international law firm. This year, six diverse students spent time at Dorsey’s New York office learning and immersing themselves in experiences for their future careers. Activities of the program included resume building workshops, mock interviews, Pro Bono panels, a “day in the life of a lawyer” panel, a negotiation workshop, a legal research project, and drafting a research memo. They also had the pleasure of hearing Professor Toni Jaeger-Fine present on discovering and defining one’s own legal and professional persona. A highlight of the week was Dorsey’s collaboration with SL Green, New York City’s largest owner of office real estate, and its summer program. Dorsey’s interns visited and toured Summit One Vanderbilt, Midtown Manhattan’s tallest skyscraper. In return, Dorsey hosted SL Green’s interns for a day of negotiation workshops.

Thanks go to all of the Dorsey attorneys who made this possible: Margaret Bae, Liz Baksh, Tamara Carmichael, Josh Colangelo-Bryan, Martha Coultrap, Matt Dickerson, Daniel Goldberger, Helen Jiang, Christopher Karagheuzoff, David Mack, Catherine Pan-Giordano, Lanier Saperstein, Fara Sunderji, and Dale Williams. Kudos to the team of business professionals who helped bring this together: Joan Oyaas, Henna Bagha, Raegan Henderson, and Jessica Welch. We also thank the wonderful team at SL Green for their contribution: Marc Holliday, Rabia Ashfaque, Taylor Fischer, Amanda Golub, and Sonya Halley.

Dorsey Future Leaders Program       Dorsey Future Leaders Program

Dorsey Future Leaders Program     Dorsey Future Leaders Program