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Thank you for visiting Dorsey’s Minneapolis Corporate Counsel Symposium web page. We have posted the presentation materials for each of the sessions.

The 3Ds: How and Why In-House Counsel Gets Disciplined, Disqualified and Denied Bar Admission

Eileen M. Lach, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, IEEE
Christopher T. Lenhart, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, U.S. Bank National Association
Theresa Bevilacqua and Kenneth L. Jorgensen, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

In-house counsel face their own special types of ethical dilemma. Put on your 3D glasses for a review of decisions and situations involving the professional discipline of in-house lawyers, disqualification relating to their lateral movement and denial of bar admissions when they seek it in new states.

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Troublemakers: Negotiating the Minefield of Problem Employees

Todd Emerson, Director of Government and Legal Affairs, SkyWest Airlines, Inc.
Antone Melton-Meaux, Managing Counsel, Labor and Employment Law, St. Jude Medical, Inc.
Marilyn Clark, Melissa Raphan and Gregory M. Saylin, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Employment litigation is on the rise. Increasing pressure from a diminished job market has led an ever-increasing number of employees to challenge adverse employment decisions, even where such business decisions are wholly justified based on poor performance, bullying or other “troublemaker” conduct. This panel will discuss strategies for managing employees while mitigating the risk of costly litigation, including how to handle problem employees in protected classes, self-proclaimed “whistleblowers,” and what to do when employees (even current ones) cry, “retaliation!” when you take steps to address workplace issues.

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So What Does it Cost? Navigating Elements of Price in Private M&A Deals

Philip E. Bauer, Associate General Counsel and Assistant Corporate Secretary, The Mosaic Company
Jeff Saunders, Principal, Savvysherpa, Inc.
John Marsalek and E. Eric Rytter, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

To date, 2014 has shown significant improvement in M&A activity. Competitive bids have emerged as a key theme in 2014, with particular impact on key elements of M&A transactions, including purchase price, earn outs and indemnification terms. This panel of M&A practitioners will draw on the perspective of both strategic and financial buyers to examine the current trends and latest developments in these three key areas.

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Sharing Responsibility: Employer-Provided Health Coverage in 2015 and Beyond

Dannette Coleman, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Individual and Family Business, Medica
Robert A. Seng, Assistant General Counsel, Target Corporation
Stephen P. Lucke and A. Melinda Maher, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

In 2015, employers will officially “share the responsibility” for health care coverage for employees under the Affordable Care Act’s “Employer Shared Responsibility” regulations. This means, for larger employers, offering health care coverage to employees or paying a penalty. A panel of ACA and benefits veterans explore what this means for employers in 2015 and beyond, propose coping strategies and outline potential litigation risks.

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Creating and Implementing a Winning Arbitration Strategy

Lisa M. Lewis, Vice President and Chief Counsel, Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
Brian L. Vander Pol, Vice President and Senior Corporate Counsel, U.S. Bank National Association
Kristina L. Carlson, Edward B. Magarian and David C. Singer, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Many complain that arbitration has become “as bad as litigation.” It can be just as costly and time consuming with extensive discovery and motion practice; arbitrators don’t always follow the law and instead split the baby; and there is no right of appeal if the arbitrators go off the rails and issue a crazy award! This program will focus on “best practices” for in-house counsel to achieve expeditious and cost-efficient arbitrations and the best possible outcomes for clients. Topics will include drafting the best agreements to arbitrate and handling the pre-hearing conference, motion practice, discovery and plenary hearing.

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Never A Dull Moment: Advising Your Board on Shareholder Engagement, Activists, Risk Management and the Latest Emerging Issues

Wendy B. Mahling, Assistant General Counsel, Xcel Energy Inc.
Troy A. Paredes, Senior Strategy and Policy Advisor, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP & former Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission
Dannette L. Smith, Secretary to the Board and Senior Deputy General Counsel, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated
Shawna Fullerton Anderson and Robert A. Rosenbaum, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Boards of directors are increasingly focused on dialogues with shareholders, preparing for shareholder activists, oversight of risk management, including cybersecurity risk, and other emerging issues. How should counsel be advising the board on these and other hot topics? A panel of disclosure and governance veterans explores these and other topics to help you prepare for the 2015 proxy and disclosure season and your 2015 board agenda.

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“And Now a Word from Our Sponsor” . . . Developing Women Leaders in Your Organization

Ida O. Abbott, President, Ida Abbott Consulting LLC
Debra J. Berns, Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer and Senior Deputy General Counsel, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated
James L. Chosy, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, U.S. Bancorp
Taiesha L. McBroom, Senior Counsel, Thrivent Financial
Michelle S. Grant and James K. Langdon, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Your organization’s future depends on the leaders you develop today. Women make up half of new lawyers and a third of all lawyers. To serve clients with the finest legal talent available, your organization must be able to attract, retain and advance women into the front ranks of productivity and into leadership roles. This panel will share insights on retaining and tapping leadership potential from the women in your organization and the crucial role that sponsorship may play.

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Is the Crisis in Ukraine a Game Changer for Doing Business in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia?

Trevor J. Gunn, Managing Director, International Relations, Medtronic, Inc.
Lisa Beth Lentini, Vice President Global Compliance, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Inc.
Igor Abramov, C. Christopher Bercaw and Larry Ward, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Experienced deal-makers will discuss current business conditions, market access for foreign companies, political risks, U.S. and European sanctions on Russia and pervasive issues under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other anti-corruption laws.

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Recent Patent Law Developments at the U.S. Supreme Court: Has the High Court Poisoned the Trolls?

Daniel J. Kelly, Senior Counsel, Intellectual Property, Alliant Techsystems Inc.
Greg Smock, Patent Counsel, Vascular Solutions, Inc.
Bridget Hayden, Gregory S. Tamkin and J. Thomas Vitt, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

The U.S. Supreme Court issued several important patent law decisions in recent months addressing the scope of what is patentable, the required specificity of patent claims, the standard for divided infringement, and the standards for fee-shifting in patent cases. These decisions come at a time of rising national concern over patent infringement allegations and lawsuits pursued by non-practicing entities (referred to lovingly as “patent trolls” by the targets of their demands). A panel of veteran troll fighters will discuss how these decisions change the landscape of patent litigation and prosecution, and provide an update on legislative efforts to quell the troll phenomenon.

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