With two years in the making, Dorsey & Whitney’s Senior Attorney in the Des Moines office, Jennifer Block, is getting recognized by local news outlets for the tireless work she has done helping Afghan families get to the United States safely after the Taliban seized power in 2021.

Any Afghan citizen that was left in the country with ties to the U.S. were put at risk and had to go into hiding for their own safety.

Dorsey & Whitney sent an email two years ago asking attorneys if anyone would be willing to do pro bono work to help Asylum seekers from Afghan get out and to the U.S.

And Jennifer Block answered the call. Since then, she has gone above and beyond what was initially expected for the pro bono project. We Are Iowa - Des Moines/Ames local ABC affiliate recognized Jennifer’s work in a news package that aired on Friday, June 21. Watch the report below or on We Are Iowa.