Salt Lake City Partner Megan Houdeshel and Associate Kayla Race wrote an article for Power Magazine about California's recently passed climate disclosure laws. "Last fall, California enacted three sweeping and unprecedented laws that require companies who "do business in California” to disclose information related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and carbon reduction goals," they wrote.

While the new laws may sound like concerns that can be postponed for a later time, Megan and Kayle explain why they are, in fact, consequential for businesses now: "These laws will likely demand involvement from your operations personnel, accountants, attorneys, marketing team, management team, and outside experts to properly measure and report direct and indirect emissions (S.B .253), assess and explain your company’s climate risks (S.B. 261), and explain how the company is achieving its climate sustainability claims or its carbon offsets (A.B. 1305). It’s extremely unlikely that any one person has all of the information and reporting will require a team and resources."

To learn more about how to prepare for compliance with these new laws, read the full article on Power Magazine

Megan and Kayla recently wrote an eUpdate and presented a webinar with another Dorsey colleague on how the new laws may impact businesses not only in California but across the country.