Salt Lake City Partner, Gage Zobell, was interviewed on the Working Ranch Radio Show on February 1. Gage has an active water practice at Dorsey and works with clients throughout the Intermountain West and advises a variety of companies in regulations and compliance. And on a personal note - he is also a rancher and grew up in Montana on his family’s property raising cattle and other livestock.

“If the federal government can ‘only keep’ its stock water rights with active users every five years (per Idaho law), there is a vested incentive for them to keep entering federal grazing leases with local ranchers that will allow cattle on public lands, drinking water, and thereby preserving the water rights,” Gage explained in the interview.

On the Working Ranch Radio Show, Gage talked with host Justin Mills in detail about stock water rights on public lands and how policy impacts agriculture across multiple states.

Listen to the full episode on the Working Ranch Radio Show.