In late summer, the California Legislature adopted a far-reaching change to American privacy law that is rippling throughout U.S. and global markets. Dubbed the “California Consumer Privacy Act,” or the “CCPA,” the new law adopts many of the rights of the European General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”), including significant rights on the part of California residents to know what information is being collected, used and sold, as well as the right to direct businesses to cease activity and to delete information.

The panelists provided an analysis of the requirements of the new CCPA, its possible effects on businesses in general, important partial exemptions from coverage for financial intermediaries, as well as the practical considerations that businesses will have to make regarding how to comply with the CCPA, the GDPR and other U.S. privacy laws. In addition, this session provided an update on efforts to craft and adopt a federal privacy law that is intended to preempt state privacy laws such as the CCPA.

Joseph T. Lynyak III & Sam Bolstad, Dorsey & Whitney LLP 

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