Cybersecurity poses an unprecedented challenge to energy companies. While much has been written about the threat and consequences of a large-scale blackout, companies in the energy sector often find it challenging to address systematically their own individual information governance policies and procedures in a way that maximizes their ability to deal with a cyber-event when (not if) it happens to them.

This webinar provides an overview of cyber threats to the energy infrastructure, and the steps each company needs to take to prepare for a cyber-intrusion into its own systems, including development of a Written Information Cyber Security Program, a formal Incident Response Plan, and practical steps for making those programs and procedures an ingrained part of your corporate culture. Watch cybersecurity experts Bob Cattanach from Dorsey & Whitney and Michael Gomez and Ron Plesco from KPMG as they help you understand the ways in which energy companies can prepare themselves for what has now become an all-too-frequent occurrence. 


  • Bob Cattanach, Partner, Dorsey’s Regulatory Affairs Practice Group 
  • Michael Gomez, Principal, KPMG LLP 
  • Ronald Plesco, Principal and National Lead Cyber Investigations, Intelligence & Analytics, KPMG LLP  

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