What’s New? Changing Ethics Rules and Bar Opinions You Need To Know

John Geelan, General Counsel and Secretary, Piper Jaffray Companies
Katherine Lawler, Senior Vice President, Global Chief Ethics Officer, U.S. Bank National Association
William Wernz, former Partner & Ethics Counsel, Dorsey & Whitney LLP and former Director of the Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility
Elizabeth Baksh, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Better to be surprised at what’s new in ethics on November 6 than when you’re making pressure-packed decisions as corporate counsel.  An experienced panel with diverse backgrounds will lead you in a lively Q and A of legal ethics and related business ethics.  Subjects will include multi-jurisdictional practice, corporate investigations, confidentiality, social media, marketing and much more.

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Pay Equity: Navigating the Evolving Landscape

Jana Bruder, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, U.S. Bank National Association
Jessie Collings, Senior Lawyer, North America Regional Employment & Labor Lead, Cargill, Incorporated
Amy Taber, Employment & Litigation Senior Legal Counsel, Prime Therapeutics LLC and President, Minnesota Women Lawyers
Jillian Kornblatt and Jessica Linehan, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

The enactment of new local, state and federal initiatives aimed at identifying and correcting pay disparities has continued throughout 2019.  Public awareness of the issue is on the rise with continued investor activism, high-profile litigation and the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team kicking the issue onto a world stage.  This panel will describe the current state of pay equity laws and will provide practical guidance on compliance, proactive compensation analysis and best practices to ensure your workforce is fairly compensated. 

Surfin’ CCPA: Riding the Wave of the California Consumer Privacy Act

Timothy Nagle, Senior Vice President, Associate General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, U.S. Bank National Association
Kathryn Wood, In-House Counsel, DecoPac, Inc.
Robert Cattanach, Joseph Lynyak and Jamie Nafziger, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

On January 1, 2020, businesses that collect personal information of California residents may be in for a wild ride as the California Consumer Privacy Act takes effect. Compliance will be difficult and potentially expensive – noncompliance may be worse. The waters are murky as to what will constitute compliance. With civil penalties for noncompliance and private rights of action for data breaches, it is important for covered businesses to create and execute on a compliance plan. Our panel will discuss who should be paying attention and what they should be doing to avoid a wipe out.

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Master Class: The Latest Word in Class Actions

Shari Aberle, Deputy General Counsel, Litigation, Optum, Inc.
Peter Bado, Head of Litigation, Regulatory Enforcement & Employment Law, Royal Bank of Canada-Wealth Management
James Langdon, Shevon Rockett and Jaime Stilson, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Class action matters continue to roll in across a variety of industries, with large, high-stakes demands and novel legal theories. This panel will address recent developments in class action defense, including the latest Supreme Court decisions on class action waivers and arbitration provisions, methods of defeating class claims and other emerging trends and issues that could affect your assessment of the best way to handle (or avoid) large class action litigation.

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A League Table of Their Own: A Scouting Report on the State of the M&A Markets, Current Deal Terms and How and Why Women Excel in M&A

Jennifer Muller, Managing Director, Houlihan Lokey
Michele Welsh, Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, Carlisle Companies Incorporated
Morgan Helme and Jonathan Van Horn, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Some of today’s most talented and effective dealmakers in the global M&A marketplace, and the bankers and lawyers who advise them, are women. A panel of experienced deal professionals will discuss the special knowledge, skills, insights and experience women bring to the M&A game, as well as strategies for identifying and eliminating bias faced by women dealmakers. Our panel will also examine economic and legal trends in the deal marketplace.

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Banking on BIG: Is Bank Industry Growth Becoming More about Bank Innovation & Growth?

Kevin O'Keefe, Principal, Investment Banking, Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P.
James Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Old National Bancorp
Jay Kim, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Strategic growth in banking is becoming as much about innovation as it is about traditional consolidation. How will these at times competing and complementary trends change the financial services landscape and what it means to be BIG in Banking? Can acquirers compete on consolidation alone? Will Fintech pioneers eclipse agile banking innovators? What are the costs and benefits for customers and competitors? A panel of banking and financial services veterans analyze the regulatory and competitive environment across the industry and take a gimlet-eyed look at the future, where no ideas may be Too BIG to Fail.

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Boardroom Blitz:  Helping Your Directors Deal with Incoming Hot Issues 

Peter Carter, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Trevor Gunderson, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, General Mills, Inc.
Cam Hoang and Robert Rosenbaum, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Corporate boards face a constant bombardment of new challenges and priorities on top of their regular governance jobs.  Markets, investors, advisory firms and media are increasingly focused on board quality, composition and diversity, oversight of corporate culture and compliance, limits on shareholder primacy, greater long-termism and ESG initiatives and disclosures, while the SEC is again talking about proxy reform and everyone is guessing what new directions the Delaware courts may take after the retirement of Chief Justice Strine.  A panel of experienced boardroom counselors report on the hot new issues they see on the radar and give their best advice on how to help your board “keep calm and carry on.”

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We Can Work It Out: Creatively Using Mediation Techniques To Advance Diversity and Inclusion

Nora Kaitfors, Associate General Counsel, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated
Antone Melton-Meaux, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Work Resolve Mediation
Rebecca Bernhard, JoLynn Markison and Kimberly Neville, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Creative use of many of the intra-company workplace mediation techniques used to address discrimination problems can also provide a proactive means of eliminating micro-aggressions and advancing diversity and inclusion initiatives in your organization.  A panel of employment law veterans and D&I champions give you some powerful new ideas.

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Disrupting the Flow:  Trade Wars, Sanctions and National Security

Isabel Gomes, Associate General Counsel, Health Care Business, 3M Company
Carmela Hernández, Associate General Counsel, The Scoular Company
Christopher Bercaw, Catherine Pan-Giordano and Lawrence Ward, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Aggressive use of tariffs, economic sanctions and foreign investment reviews employed by the U.S. government have disrupted trade and investment flows worldwide.  A panel of international lawyers discuss the impact of these policies on U.S. and foreign businesses and how to navigate the complexities of new tariffs, export controls, CFIUS reviews, trade sanctions and doing business in China.

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