Cybercrime is on the rise. 

It impacts our healthcare system, politics, economics, professional, and personal lives. Because of its impact, cybersecurity continues to be at the forefront of corporate leadership concerns. Yet few companies or individuals are adequately equipped to know what questions to ask, what to do or how to address this critical area.  Many business leaders  are unprepared even though they have a fiduciary responsibility for the resulting financial, reputational, and legal impacts of cyber risk incidents. 

The reality of cyber risk is that it is a business problem -- not an IT problem -- so it must be addressed by leadership and throughout the organization.  

This conference is designed to equip participants to define the specific risks they face amidst the current risk landscape, develop an action plan, and deliver a stronger cyber risk posture. Importantly, participants will be prepared with the right questions to ask to get started and learn practical tools, resources, and next steps to build strengths within their organization.