Corporate Counsel Symposium 2018


Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?  Choosing the Ethical Path

Anna Shimanek, Senior Legal Counsel, CVS Health Corporation 
Karen Wilson Thissen, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Kenneth Jorgensen and Faisal Zubairi, Dorsey & Whitney LLP 

The day-to-day challenges of in-house practice include plenty of choices with ethical consequences.  Improve your ability to spot problems and reach practical solutions by working through facts drawn from real court cases, including issues of confidentiality, privilege, conflicts, discipline and more.  

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Transformational Change:  Sexual Harassment & Workplace Culture

Ann Clowser, Lead Assistant General Counsel, Xcel Energy Inc. 
Karen Sachs, Vice President, Inclusion & Diversity, UnitedHealth Group
Marilyn Clark and Ryan Mick, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

From the spark of the #metoo movement, the world has fundamentally changed in how we view and respond to sexual harassment.  These changes quickly reached the American workplace, requiring employers to transform how they think about compliance, training, employee relations, mentoring and other dynamics of workplace culture with respect to sexual harassment issues.  This panel explored these diverse dynamics.

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Trading Punches:  Tariffs and Other New Battles in Global Commerce

James Southwick, Vice President, Global Government Affairs, Medtronic, Inc.
Christopher Bercaw, Frances Doherty and Nelson Dong, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

The Trump Administration’s aggressive policies to reduce our international goods trade deficit, promote manufacturing jobs and counter China’s industrial policy have radically altered U.S. posture on international trade and investment.  International lawyers from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States discussed these sweeping changes, including U.S. steel, aluminum and other tariffs, retaliatory measures from trading partners, trade agreements and the World Trade Organization, Brexit and foreign investment reviews.

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Lingua Franca:  Developing a Common Language for Bank Risk Management 

Walter Mix
, Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group, LLC
Ann Claire Phillips, Chief Risk Officer, Legal and Chief Government Investigations Counsel, U.S. Bank National Association 
Beth Forsythe and Joseph Lynyak, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Risk management is the primary tool used by regulators and management to supervise and operate financial institutions.  But risk management means different things to different people, and it can be a foreign idiom for lawyers.  This panel explored how in-house counsel and risk management personnel communicate and interact, including what risk management is, how it is implemented and how counsel should respond to its obligations and help ensure appropriate practices.

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Over the Pond and Across the Pacific:  Surveying the Wide World of Cross-Border M&A

Betty Yu, Acting Head of Investment Banking, China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.
Joe Nescio, Nescio & Seace (representing CTDI)
Fabrizio Carpanini, Catherine Pan-Giordano and Nolan Taylor, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Seasoned M&A professionals from Europe, North America and China explain, compare and contrast the terms, conditions, expectations and conventions that shape cross-border M&A as practiced in Europe, North America and China.  An essential Berlitz course for international dealmakers.

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The Times, They Are A-Changin’:  AI Goes to Court

Owen Byrd, Chief Evangelist and General Counsel, Lex Machina 
Jeremy Elman, Jocelyn Knoll and Caroline Sweeney, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Artificial intelligence and intelligent automation are disrupting the practice of law, including every stage of litigation from identifying claims to preparing pleadings, conducting discovery, research, trial, and beyond.  Our panel outlined the profound effects AI is having on litigation practice and explain how you can use AI and related technologies to gain the upper hand today and in the future.

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Across the Board:  Advising on the Right Governance Moves

James Chosy, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, U.S. Bancorp 
Dannette Smith, Secretary to the Board of Directors and Senior Deputy General Counsel, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated
Cam Hoang and Robert Rosenbaum, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Successfully advising on governance requires experience, foresight and creativity.  Boardroom veterans discussed guidance on flashpoint issues, such as:  cybersecurity risks, hedge fund activism, proxy advisor policies, board diversity, shareholder engagement, CEO pay ratio disclosure, say-on-pay, environmental concerns, internal reporting structures in the wake of Digital Realty Trust, and the dizzying impact of current events on corporate affairs.

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Driving Diversity in Business:  How Corporate Law Divisions Respond to the Opportunity 

Gregory Cunningham, Vice President, Enterprise Diversity & Inclusion, U.S. Bancorp
John Geelan, Managing Director, General Counsel and Secretary, Piper Jaffray Companies
Jim Rowader, Vice President, General Counsel Employee and Labor Relations, Target Corporation
Rebecca Bernhard and Jenny Lee, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

What role can general counsel and legal department leadership play in fostering diversity and inclusion and eliminating unconscious bias within a corporation or other organization?  What are the opportunities?  What are the challenges?  

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#OnlineMarketing:  Legal Compliance in a Viral World 

Susan Perera, Deputy General Counsel, Technology & Intellectual Property, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated
Leo Wan, Senior Legal Counsel, theScore, Inc.
Elizabeth Buckingham, Jeffrey Cadwell, Tiffany Shimada and Fara Sunderji, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

This panel discussed key legal issues surrounding online advertising, branding, contests, fair use, music clearance, rights of publicity and privacy, social media, and more.  

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