Dorsey Corporate Counsel Symposium

Thank you for visiting Dorsey’s Minneapolis Corporate Counsel Symposium web page. We have posted the presentation materials for each of the sessions.

Answers That Click: Surveying the Latest Ethical Issues Facing In-House Counsel 

James L. Altman, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Xcel Energy Inc.
Teresa J. Rasmussen, President, Thrivent Financial 
William J. Wernz, Legal Ethics Counselor & Consultant and Chair, Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards
Kenneth L. Jorgensen and Karen A. Morao, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Practical and real-life hypotheticals will serve as the basis for an examination of ethical issues, including outsourcing legal work, potential conflicts raised by RFPs, advising on Minnesota's medical marijuana law, attorney-client privilege and disqualification of in-house counsel. The audience will again have the opportunity to test their legal ethics acumen through interactive voting technology. After tallying the results, our panel will analyze not only the correct but also the "not so correct" answers to help clarify the issues.

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Risks Employers Face When Trying To Be the "Good Guy" 

Lana Erickson, Director, Human Resources, The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists 
Anna Nguyen Fretel, Senior Counsel II, Americas Division, St. Jude Medical, Inc. 
Rebecca J. Bernhard and JoLynn M. Markison, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Most employers are well aware that making adverse decisions regarding employees involves legal risks. But sometimes actions intended to help employees may be equally problematic. This session considers how "good guy" behavior — such as treating employees as exempt "professionals," giving them excellent reviews and adopting wellness and "no fault" policies — may lead to a lawsuit instead of a "thank you."

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The Ties That Bind: M&A Challenges for Buyers of Family-Held or Founder-Owned Businesses

Eric M. Nicholson, Managing Director, Greene Holcomb & Fisher LLC 
Lawrence D. Writer II, Director and Former Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Hillerich & Bradsby Co., Inc. 
William A. Jonason, Kim A. Severson and Jonathan A. Van Horn, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

The purchase of a family-held or founder-owned enterprise can present the buyer with a set of challenges not often encountered when buying from strategic sellers or private equity. Valuation, at play in every deal, can become an emotional battleground when family pride is at stake. Generational succession, branding and tax planning issues all carry the potential to derail a promising transaction. A panel of experienced M&A professionals examine the delicate issues faced by the buyer in acquiring a family business or an entrepreneur-driven venture.

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Preventive Medicine: Avoiding Liability in the Rapidly Changing Healthcare Industry

Debra J. Berns, Chief Compliance, Ethics & Privacy Officer, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated 
Jennie P. Carlson, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, U.S. Bancorp 
Andrew Holly, Robert A. Seng and William R. Stoeri, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

The healthcare industry is going through a period of rapid change. The regulatory environment is evolving every day, creating new obligations for employers, insurers and providers and transforming their very business models and systems. How can employers, insurers and providers make it through this time of dramatic change and minimize risk of healthcare regulatory and litigation liability? Experienced healthcare lawyers discuss the extraordinary changes underway and make practical suggestions for limiting liability risk.

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Dancing in the Dark: The Art and Ethics of Handling the Unexpected in Litigation

Susan E. Flint, Managing Counsel, Wells Fargo & Company 
Kristin S. Westgard, Deputy General Counsel, Intellectual Property Management and IP Litigation, Koch Companies Public Sector LLC
J David Jackson, Jaime Stilson and Faisal Zubairi, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Litigation cannot be scripted. There are too many variables over which we have no control. Things happen, often unexpectedly. Quick thinking and focused judgment are needed to protect the client and keep the litigation advantage. This panel will address those unexpected events and offer ethical solutions to manage them effectively.

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Building Momentum: Deal-Making in Europe and Latin America

John P. Babb, Vice President, Legal and Assistant Secretary, Liberty Global, Inc. 
Sarah Kinnick Hilty, Chief Counsel - Corporate Transactions, CH2M HILL Companies, Ltd. 
Kate Francis, Mark Taylor and Paul G. Thompson, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

While investors in Europe face uncertainty about how firmly economic recovery has taken hold, investors in Latin America face varied economic growth prospects, uncertain political risks and currency volatility. Experienced dealmakers will discuss key factors driving investment in the regions, significant legal and regulatory challenges and strategies for addressing them.

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Banking Bad: Financial Services in the Age of Bitcoin and Legalized Marijuana

Tracy L. Perzel, Assistant U.S. Attorney and Chief, Criminal Division, United States Attorney’s Office, District of Minnesota 
Joe Witt, President and Chief Executive Officer, Minnesota Bankers Association 
Joseph T. Lynyak III and Nicholas A.J. Vlietstra, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

State legalization of marijuana is creating a promising new industry looking for financing. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are blurring traditional notions of currency and payment systems. What do these developments mean for the banking and financial services industry? A panel of industry veterans will discuss the risks, legal and other, and potential rewards of dealing with virtual currencies and the marijuana business.

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Coming Soon to a Board Room Near You: Hot Topics in Disclosure and Governance

James L. Chosy, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, U.S. Bancorp 
Dannette L. Smith, Secretary to the Board of Directors, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated 
Kimberley R. Anderson and Robert A. Rosenbaum, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Proxy access continues to be in the news. Pay-ratio disclosure is around the corner. And the board's role in shareholder engagement and activism continues to evolve. Join a panel of SEC disclosure and corporate governance veterans for a look at these and other hot topics facing public company boards and their counsel in the months to come.

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Haven't Got Time for the Pain: Resolving IP Rights Without Damage

Brad Botsch, Assistant Director, Patent Transactions Group
Isabella Fu, Associate General Counsel, Microsoft Corporation 
Heather D. Redmond, Deputy General Counsel - Litigation and Intellectual Property, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated 
Adam V. Floyd, Charlene M. Krogh and Peter M. Lancaster, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Expert panelists from Microsoft, Intel, UnitedHealth Group and Dorsey examine ways to protect or challenge IP rights without the cost of long and disruptive court litigation over damage claims. On the patent side, the panel will focus on challenging patents through the Patent and Trademark Office or through dispositive motions early in court cases. On the trademark side, the panel will focus on avoiding damage litigation through administrative hearings at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and resolving cases through injunctions.

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