Social Media Marketing for the Franchise: 5 Steps to Success

This 60 minute presentation walks you through the 5 universal and fundamental tactics that every franchise should do in social media...every day! The presentation is full of unique insights, tips and tactics for connecting with your customers through social media marketing. Paul Slack will cut through the noise and share with you the secrets, methods and best practices you need to succeed in social media.

Gary Duvall, C.F.E., co-chair of the franchise practice at Dorsey & Whitney LLP, will give a brief overview of the legal aspects of social media. Click here to view Gary’s presentation materials.

All attendees will get a free copy of Paul's book Social Rules!

About the Speaker:

Paul Slack is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of direct marketing experience. He is also author of Social Rules: A Common Sense Guide to Social Media Marketing and is a sought after speaker in the internet marketing space. He has been featured in Success Magazine, radio, and big stage events, and has trained tens of thousands of business leaders across the country on the best ways to leverage social media for their businesses.