Government enforcement activities are on the rise – are you ready?

The recent staff changes in the Department of Labor and increased staffing at EEOC signal that the Obama administration plans to make good on his promises. The US Department of Labor’s “We Can Help” campaign is expected to increase employee wage and hour complaints. OFCCP’s FY 2011 Budget containing an extra $19 million for industry wide compliance audits and nationwide company audits. Two hundred new OFCCP employees will carry out the mandate of aggressive enforcement. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) has plans to step up enforcement activities and there have been significant increases in criminal and civil filings.

Is your company ready to respond when the government knocks at your door?


  • Best Practices in OFCCP Compliance
  • How to Prepare for An ICE Raid
  • How to Audit before the DOL does and how to respond when the DOL conducts an audit
  • Receive an update on new cases in these areas