In challenging economic times every expense category is scrutinized, and the cost of securing intellectual property protection is no exception. Intellectual property rights, however, are essential to transform today's investments in R&D and marketing into successful tools for business success. Companies that fail to make smart investments in intellectual property rights today may very well jeopardize their ability to compete tomorrow. Existing intellectual property assets may represent untapped value that can be exploited to open new doors for business—to generate alternate revenue opportunities.

As others seek to monetize IP assets, your company may be at increased risk of being targeted in a patent lawsuit. Even when the risk of liability is low, defense costs and disruptions to your company’s business can still be significant. Strategies for dealing with allegations of patent infringement in a cost-effective, tactical manner are essential.

In part I of our program, our panelists will discuss effective strategies to identify and monetize underutilized IP assets such as, licensing and enforcement programs, outright sales of underutilized IP, and partnering with IP investment/enforcement entities to engage in shared risk/shared reward enforcement programs. We will also review effective strategies for evaluating, securing and managing global intellectual property rights, while controlling the overall cost of acquiring and preserving these rights. In part II of our program, the panelists will address strategies your business can implement to prepare for and address allegations of patent infringement in a cost-effective, business-driven manner.