Who Should Attend?
Intellectual Property lawyers and industry executives who need to identify or understand major corporate law issues

Why Attend?
Today, every business uses and relies on technology and intellectual property, and corporate transactions, investments, merger and acquisition activities, transaction values, due diligence efforts, and structures are increasingly driven by technology issues. In this environment, IP legal issues have never been more pronounced, and, as a result, IP lawyers are increasingly involved in business transactions. To be truly effective, however, intellectual property practitioners need to know more than the IP issues involved. To add value, they need to understand the other factors driving business transactions--how and why transactions are structured, how businesses are financed, what owners and investors expect, why and how IP ownership and license rights matter (and when they don't), and where and when IP representations and warranties come into play. This program is designed to provide IP practitioners with a basic understanding of corporate law so that IP lawyers can put their expertise to best use in clear context, and are always in a position to add value. ~ Program Co-Chairs: G. Scott Greenberg, Esq. and Susan L. Preston, Esq.

What You Will Learn -
What IP lawyers need to know about: - Business Form and Securities Issues - M&A Transactions - How to Value a Business' Intellectual Property - Anti-Trust and Regulatory Issues - New Corporate Governance Rules and Increased Director Scrutiny.

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