Dorsey & Whitney is pleased to announce that the Sedona Conference and its Working Group 11 on Data Security and Privacy Liability (WG11) has just published the final version of The Sedona Conference Incident Response Guide. Dorsey Partner Bob Cattanach served as the Editor-In-Chief of what many consider to be the definitive work on responding to data breaches.

Sedona’s WG11 developed the Incident Response Guide to provide a comprehensive but practical guide to help practitioners and organizations deal with the multitude of legal, technical, and policy issues that arise whenever a data breach occurs.

The intent of the Sedona Working Group in publishing this comprehensive guide is to provide reader with significant value by presenting the material as a contextual whole, rather than as a compendium of laws that the reader must analyze jurisdiction by jurisdiction in order to determine the legal and strategic actions required for any particular breach.. The Sedona Conference believes that this process leads to more effective incident response, and promotes cross-functional responsibility for the pre-incident planning that is absolutely critical in responding to an incident.

You can download the Incident Response Guide without charge here.