Cynthia M. Bennett

Cynthia M. Bennett

Senior Paralegal
Denver P +1 (303) 352-1115


Cindy works with clients to protect clients’ valuable intellectual property.

Cindy is an intellectual property paralegal with experience in domestic and international patent prosecution.  She has experience in the complex process of both foreign and U.S. patent prosecution, and brings extensive familiarity to the Intellectual Property group.

She works with domestic and foreign counsel on prosecuting patent applications and managing clients' patent portfolios.  Her experience includes patent and trademark matters; preparation of patent and trademark documents, including electronic filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); and docketing of intellectual property matters.  

During her 18 year career in intellectual property, she brings the value of that breadth of knowledge to clients. 

Industries & Practices

Patent Prosecution, Portfolio Strategy & Management
  • Patent Prosecution, Portfolio Strategy & Management
Cynthia M. Bennett