Telecommunications services are converging rapidly – cable, traditional telephone, satellite and Wi-Fi are all competing to occupy the same space and win the same customers. Telecommunications law likewise continues to evolve as telecommunications companies adjust their structures for providing services to take advantage of new technologies and regulatory disparities, which can dramatically affect the strategic deployment of resources.

The constantly changing telecommunications landscape presents a complex maze of federal and state rules and international regulations. Dorsey Telecommunications attorneys have decades of experience in assisting our clients in developing competitive opportunities and addressing competitive challenges. Dorsey’s comprehensive grasp of the wide range of legal and business issues facing the telecommunications industry enables us to provide our clients with practical solutions and strategic insight. We have the resources needed to respond to the rapid pace of demands on today’s telecommunications providers.

Comprehensive Service

While we are a full-service law firm, Dorsey does more than advise you on the law. We help solve your business problems and meet your business objectives. With offices in the United States and abroad, we offer a multi-jurisdictional footprint for local, national and international clients.

Business Approach

Understanding your business is our first priority. As part of the partnership we form with our telecommunications clients, we make an investment of our own time and resources to ensure that we understand fully your objectives and how we can help you achieve them, whether it is assisting with your day-to-day compliance obligations, or providing critical context for assessing the long-term regulatory and financial consequences of your business decisions.

Here are some recent examples of how we add value:

  • Assessing the regulatory obligations and opportunities associated with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, including compliance with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act and E-911, and assisting in the development of the optimal business structure for addressing those issues.
    Anticipating local competition challenges and compliance disputes.
  • Developing strategies for contract negotiations and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Providing creative alternatives for inter-carrier compensation and universal service fee compliance.

Dispute Resolution

Our first objective is to help our clients avoid needless litigation by thorough planning and risk assessment. Some disputes, however, require legal intervention. Whether it’s an issue of complex regulatory arbitrage or a straight-forward contract dispute, we try to craft common sense solutions that meet the legal and financial goals of our own client, while at the same time acknowledge the core interests of the other party. Where compromise proves elusive, our telecommunications lawyers have a distinguished record of vigorously protecting our clients’ interests in federal and state courts and administrative agencies.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our Telecommunications group can assist you.