Products Liability

In a global trade environment, with an increasing reliance on overseas suppliers, business can no longer afford to treat product liability lawsuits simply as a cost of doing business. As product safety issues involving imported goods underscore, companies risk serious damage to their reputations and financial stability in the absence of an effective defense or adequate preventative counseling.

Manage Your Risk

Involving Dorsey on claim prevention at the outset is a preemptive strategy that pays off. Dorsey Product Liability attorneys have extensive experience counseling clients on preventative measures like warnings, contract terms and conditions, investigations, document retention and control, and insurance. Additional preventative strategies include: appropriate packaging, brochures, warranties, product labeling and supply chain supervision.

In the event a defect is realized prior to any claims, Dorsey has the resources to assist in establishing a proactive response, including appropriate media strategies, evidentiary and trial preparation, as well as the anticipation of potential government investigations and, in some cases, criminal proceedings. Dorsey lawyers also have experience conducting audits to evaluate potential product liability exposure associated with corporate transactions.

Full Coverage

With a national presence from coast-to-coast, as well as overseas offices in key locations, Dorsey has on-the-ground traction to handle virtually any type of product liability litigation matter. Our attorneys frequently serve as national coordinating counsel, providing a coherent strategy in multi-jurisdictional litigation, as well as lead trial counsel in cases involving a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, implanted medical devices, chemicals, automobiles and other industrial and consumer products. Dorsey also has a strong track-record in product liability class actions, having litigated major actions in the medical device, agricultural pesticides, drugs, asbestos and tobacco areas.

For more information on the Dorsey Product Liability practice, please contact one of our attorneys in this practice.