Patent Prosecution, Portfolio Strategy and Management

Dorsey’s patent group lawyers combine their expertise in patent law and business acumen with their solid technical backgrounds to provide our clients the advice they need to stay competitive in global and regional marketplaces. Dorsey attorneys are committed to helping our clients maintain that competitive edge, advising our clients on the most effective methods for protecting their technology and assisting them in patent portfolio strategic issues, patent preparation, prosecution, licensing and related activities in patent offices in the U.S. and around the world.

Many Dorsey lawyers have advanced technical degrees, including Ph.D.s, and most have industry experience in various technical disciplines such as electrical engineering and electronics, computer software and hardware, biotechnology, chemistry and biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, mechanical engineering, material sciences, aerospace engineering, physics, and computer science offering our clients a solid understanding in diverse industries and arts. Many of our lawyers are also skilled in several technologies, providing the relevant knowledge required in technological advances and convergences, such as bioinfomatics.

Members of the Patent practice group regularly conduct IP audits, and render (IP) patent related opinions concerning patentability, validity, and infringement; they also conduct patent interferences, counsel companies on implementing sound IP strategies, and advise on managing (IP) patent portfolios.

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