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Dorsey for Patents.


Just as our clients innovate at the cutting edge, the Dorsey Patent Group constantly seeks out new and exciting ways to provide better client service and optimize results. To that end, we are adept and comfortable with delivering innovative patent services using billing models geared for clients from the earliest-stage startup to publicly traded companies with mature portfolios.


We understand what companies strive for from their patents: Return on Investment. They know that if all they achieve from their patent program is a wall full of patent plaques, they may not be capturing all the value from their portfolio. Dorsey’s Patent Group knows what it takes to strategically build and leverage a patent portfolio, and we do that with every client. We start by understanding our clients’ businesses in great detail, and we work with them to create a patent strategy that complements and enhances those businesses.


Dorsey patent attorneys have an incredible breadth and depth of experience. Many Dorsey lawyers have advanced technical degrees, including Ph.D.s, M.D.s and Masters Degrees, and most also have industry experience. Dorsey patent attorneys have experience in a wide array of technical disciplines, such as electrical engineering and electronics, computer science, biotechnology, chemistry and biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, mechanical engineering, materials science, aerospace engineering, and physics.


Dorsey patent attorneys continually strive to understand each client’s business from the ground up and to provide patent legal services tailored to meet the client’s business objectives. We believe that patent strategy is an integral component of business strategy. We work closely with our clients to provide practical advice designed to meet their goals, while keeping the budget reasonable and enhancing return on investment.

To learn more about Dorsey’s Patent Group, please email us at or call or email any of our patent attorneys directly.

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